Men's Handbook About Women

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Gary Düfner (1969-) was born in NY, graduated SVA in NYC as a comic illustrator. Moved to central Florida and went to school for web design, and has been a professor of graphic design and web design for 13 years. During which he obtained a Master's in Fine Art from UCF.


Growing up in the 80s watching MTV and listening to hardcore metal music had major influence on Düfner. He has spent 20 years of his life in unsigned metal bands. He's had his fill of groupies and experiences with women. For the past 25 years he's dated for 17 years, was married for 9 years, and has the knowledge to back up his Men's Handbook About Women.


Dufner is currently working on a few other projects:



Men's Handbook About Women

The book is only available now as an ebook right now. I plan on releasing an audio version. If the book sells well I will print it. Follow the book and people that have read it on our Facebook page.


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